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Neptune’s Triton

23 Jan


Out from the churning waters of 2012, it’s the return of CQ360; the fashion blog whose author’s trident has receded the roiling white foam, and exposed the calm sands of 2013.

20130114-081208.jpgWith the winter’s chill in the air, and the beach-blanket-bingo barnacles encrusted in their cowl sweaters, I revel in the serenity of an empty shore the way a bluish green Poseidon would just before a storm hits the solitude of an oceanfront resort.

K19-1588It’s times like this that sandpiper footprints read best.  So with the help of my trident, we deciphered their scattered impressions as well as analyzed their awkward flight patterns to reveal that more statement sunglasses are headed our way.


As the sun sets on yet another CQ360 blog post, I leave you my fellow ‘seekers’, mounted on the back of a breaching humpback whale.  Cawing at seagulls about featherweight sheer like a Central Park pigeon feeder would left over challah.  This is the way of life here in Atlantis. Submerge yourself.


Until next time my crustacean ‘seekers’…nos vemos.  I’ll leave you with Kenzo spring/summer 2013.

Fashion Word-Em Up: In the Sea of Style, always swim against the current.


Ack! Blech! Nasty!

13 Oct

Welcome to CQ360; a fashion blog whose author is in the process of ridding more garbage than a 1-800-Got-Junk crew on an episode of Hoarders.  In case you haven’t noticed the streets are littered with trendy rotting rubbish.  Ugg boots, mammoth sized sunglasses, and the word “vintage” muddle the idea of what is stylish.  At this rate, fashion’s landfill will be nothing short of Indonesia’s Bantar Gebang.

As CQ360’s Waste Management Supervisor, I’ve witnessed the fact that Ugg boots have become a hazardous material that threatens our eye sight.  Like improperly discarded car battery acid, this elephant’s foot of a shoe has contaminated our community’s groundwater.  It needs to stop, but if it’s sheepskin and suede you desire try a pair of moccasins instead.  Check this girl and that girl for a better looking silhouette. So unless your C.J. Parker (circa 1992) or a surfer checking out the waves at the crack of dawn; please dispose of your boots by sending them to:

Fashion Incinerator
P.O. Box. I-don’t-give-a-fUGG
Neveragain, Ca. 
Like marine life that entangles itself in plastics, herds of people suffocate themselves with oversized sunglasses.  The brilliance that was once this has now decomposed to a skeletal remain.  Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with recycling fashion’s trends and adding your own style to it, but stripping the look of it’s spirit is inexcusable.  It’s the equivalent to dumping motor oil down a drainage ditch, or adding a liquor mixer to sake.  Just keep it simple when it comes to your shades.  It’s a dirty job navigating and filtering through a landfill of 5 minute trends where distressed combat boots are the new “vintage” must-haves.  But if it’s eternal style and not fading fashion that you seek, well then, welcome to fashion’s junkyard!  Where no applications are needed and the pay is chic.
I’ll leave you with Nicole Miller Spring/Summer 2012.  Thanks for reading. Until next time…nos vemos! 

Fashion-Word-Em-Up: Don’t make your style a dumping ground for other people’s garbage.

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