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Safari, so goody!

31 Mar

Welcome to CQ360!  The fashion blog whose author returns from a safari through the Serengeti wilderness that is his closet.  Wild chinos, ferocious leathers, proud cottons, and liquor born skeletons roam a cramped countryside where survival hangs in the balance.

It was out here in the deep silence of the bush, that a pair of neon’s reared it’s brilliant hue.  It’s majestic flock can be easily mistaken for it’s wretched cousins, “The Fluorescent Eagle” and “The Day-Glo Quail“.  This spring, use the power of neon to attract rather than to blind.

The madness of March hit me like a terrestrial downpour in a drought ridden hamper.  Cold, wet, and  smelling slightly gamey, the Land Rover ride past a pod of hippos and last years Toms were inspiring.  From the bright colored (female) birds to the red clay dirt, it was obvious to me that (men) lions should place great emphasis on their feet this spring.  It is rumored that lionesses take heed to a man whose paws shine unlike those of cubs.  Remember my fellow ‘seekers’, survival of the fittest is the name of the game, and if chasing is what we were born to do, it’s best that you place your best foot forward.

That about does it for this post.  Thank you all for visiting, and please feel free to leave us a comment of any type.  I leave you with Custo Barcelona and his NYFW Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

My Fashion Word-Em-Up: If you don’t hunt it down and wear it, it’ll hunt you down and wear you.

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