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Gone With The Wind

28 Apr

Here it is.  CQ360.  The fashion blog that sails on like a cob webbed ghost ship.  Manned by the captain of whoadad.wordpress.com, this vessel will soon drop anchor off the shores of Style Island.
land hoe!Rolling up and over the swells of graphic t-shirts, jeans, and multiple pairs of Jordans, it doesn’t take the view from the crow’s nest to see that this site has lowered the boom on updating its posts.

Slow Down matey

From here on out, the S.S. CQ360 will propel its self by oar, which only means the isles of fashion will be few and far in between.

Rock the boatUntil next time my fellow ‘seekers’, continue to row forward, and as your captain I promise you lush lands of styles to set your eyes upon.

I leave you with La Perla’s fall/winter 2013 collection, because sometimes less is more.

Fashion Word-Em’-Up: Fashion is a globe, the farther you sail, the closer you are to style.

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