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Comic Relief: Layla Lovelack

9 Feb

Layla Lovelack

Here we go, Moschino Fall/Winter 2013 for men.  I thought this collection would be perfect for the 14th. Enjoy!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up: There’s a reason February 14th has the initials VD, because it’s a time to get Viciously Dressed.


Ain’t No New Thing

21 Dec

Returning from the ashes of a Mayan doomsday calendar, it’s the phoenix-like fashion blog CQ360; the website whose author arises from a fiery hamper to steam press the year 2013 with his clairvoyant visions of it’s future.

The coming time promises more demonstrations, and revolutionary turmoil dressed in hoodies.  Store fronts, vehicles, and leather skirts unapproved by Rowdy Roddy Piper will be set alight in the name of protest.  These are not false prophesies my faithful ‘seekers’, but manifestations that will ignite a celestial spark towards illuminating a star named Trayvon.

Although menacing in appearance, be not afraid of the hooded sweatshirt’s inextinguishable flair.  It’s unweary fire will heal more than it destroys, and warm more than it burns.  Ruffians and recluses will kindle 2013’s love for cozy.  Take heed to these visions or suffer the scrutiny.

With the fleeing energy of a solar flare, it is time to return to the furnace of hangers and mannequins.  The phoenix-like fashion blog whose author soars in a blaze of glory must come to rest in it’s own ash.  This has been CQ360, until next year’s ressurrection…feliz navidad y un feliz ano nuevo.

Louise Gray Spring/Summer 2013…

Fashion Word-Em’-Up:  The hoodie makes a statement, not a confession. – Glenn O’Brien

All Hands on Deck

8 Feb

Like Barney Fife and Plaxico Burgess wore their weapons; this blog post is all about fashion accessories.  I’m talking about the kind of adornments that would drive every fashion savvy shopaholic off a cliff with Thelma and Louise.  An accessory that is only akin to madness and pure genius.  As author of CQ360, it is my privilege to present the blog’s highest most chic decorations, the Medals of Honor, to the soldiers of parenthood.

All around the nation fathers and mothers risk their cashmeres, silks, pima cottons and other fine fabrics to achieve their mission of soothing gassy cranky babies.  Their unwavering courage, selflessness, and decisive parental leadership in the face of burping newborns is essential to attaining a tranquil state of mind.  In doing so, hundreds upon thousands of button down shirts and blouses have fallen victim to the IED-like explosions of vomiting hiccups.  As a fellow veteran of this stain filled struggle, take my advice; don’t hurry to change shirts.  Instead, carry on with your heads held high and wear the blemish like it were a coveted  Aurelie Biddermann.

After a long day of manning the family tank, mashing bananas into MRE meals, and lugging Babybjorns onto the front lines; wrinkles will scar your appearance.  But cease not at the sight of a crease, nor ache in the  pains of stains.  Instead, march against a regime so vile that it uses it’s axis of cuteness as a weapon of mass manipulation.  As all parental soldiers know, remember to keep calm and cool when in the line of fire.  Our government issued Aden and Anais field blankets can help us do just that.  This piece of accessory was meant for tourniquet purposes, but our brave medics have fashioned them into chic head or neck scarves to keep us from going AWOL in smelly situations.

We here at CQ360, hope that this post will serve as a reminder of the responsibilities that comes with the gift of life.  And as you depart our blog and return to your lives, we hope that you wear our medals of style with as much diginity as those who wear the nation’s stars of valor.  Until next time….nos vemos.

Burberry Prorsum Man Fall/Winter 2012…good looking tough pieces here I thought.

Fashion Word-Em’-Up: Impose your style as far as your army (baby) can reach.

Hug Me Til’ You Drug Me

6 Jun

For those of you itching to get another dose of this street cured blog of a drug; your wait is finally over.  Your pusher is here, and I’m serving up visual stimulants that’ll reveal some of my latest fascinations with fashion that will also make the month long withdrawal seem worth while.  It seems like it only yesterday that you were strung out and running errands around town looking like Felicia.  Watching you lying in a fetal position and nibbling through old issues of Cosmo in hopes that some style would come oozing from your pores was the straw that broke this dealer’s back.  So instead of watching you become a detoxed-khaki-colored-snooze-fest, I did what any trafficker would do; bring you more of what you need!

There’s an endless supply so don’t be ashamed to get CQ’d more than twice a week.  Sit back and unwind.  Live in your tank top and tattered jeans this summer.  Most importantly be prepared to leave the comforts of your dungeon-like apartment.  Since CQ has been known to act as a hallucinogen it’s no surprise that you might find yourself roaming the streets at odd hours.  So take it from your trusted devilish pusher; wear a pair of delicately laced socks with your vintage rose pink (I love a girl in this hue of pink) heels to keep your feet from going raw.  Click here to see how two of my addicts do the look.

If you find yourself foaming at the mouth like a pregnant woman would pistachio gelato or noticed that you’ve become as irritable as a Burmese tiger in a tiger pit that means your high, my post, is nearing the end. The work week is calling and I can’t be held responsible for sending my fellow ‘seekers’ to their nine to fives dressed like Mary Kate and Ashley’s boho-chic ways.  Instead, try on a heel with some serious color and bold hardware.  If you plan on privately visiting cloud nine at your cubicle remember to throw on a neutral colored coat or sweater with clean lines.  It’ll help others concentrate on your wardrobe other than your saucer eyes.  Also, come quitting time, slide those dainty hands into a tightly fit vibrant pair of red leather gloves just for me. Okay that’s a wrap for this post. Until next time…Nos vemos.

Tonight’s video is Sarah Burton for the late Alexander McQueen.  Sarah’s dress at 5:35 makes me want a daughter.

Fashion Word Em’ Up:  If you’ve never seen an elephant ski, you’ve never been on acid or witnessed a Lane Bryant winter collection.

Invisible Threads Are The Strongest Ties

22 Apr

Welcome back to yet another post, another toast, but most importantly another riposte to a question whose answer is infinite no matter to whom it is posed; “Why do you do what you do?”.  Now for some, a question like this can send them spiraling out of control on an opium crazed binge to “Superjail“.  As for me, I’m not exactly sure how to answer the question, but I know sex is definitely part of the answer.  Sex is part of nature, and I go along with all things nature (especially when she’s 5’5” 115lbs and from Jamaica).  She is the reason why I do what I do.  She is the queen and the queen’s pride is my ship.

Now before this ship sets sail, as Captain, I demand from myself a wardrobe fashionable enough to escort the queen.  Which means that in no time I can be found spinning around and around like a whirling dervish trying on outfits with the precision of quick-change magicians.  Until finally, after the tornado settles, my wardrobe will be conceived.  Suede bucks…check, chinos…check, shirt…check, necktie in a military tuck…check. A military what?  A military tuck.  That’s when a tie is folded into the shirt usually between the 2nd and 3rd buttons.  The style is rarely seen out on the streets.  That being the case, it’s uncommon existence also plays a role as to why I do what I do.  Afterall, setting myself apart fashionably is the before play thats before the foreplay that starts with a kiss on her hip bone.

Pamella Roland Fall 2011.  Feeling the music, the grey pant in the opening look, the 2nd model’s swagger, hated all that red.

Fashion Word-Em-Up: Being one of a kind means your automatically the best in the world at what you do.

Mr. Melatonin

1 Apr

Sorry for the wait my fellow CQ ‘seekers’, but I return to thee unscathed from an odyssey filled with designer duels, model mayhem, terrific treasures and Medusa!  It was fashion’s take on The Battle of Stirling from the film Braveheart.  Pieces of Christian Louboutin heels lay scattered around badly bruised scantily dressed models in tattered haute couture gowns.  Doesn’t that sound exciting to witness!?  Flamboyant designers taking turns slapping each other’s faces with leather gloves as they meet an ill-fated death by quicksand.  Captivating isnt it!?   This is why it irks me to tell and pains me to admit that the only odyssey I partook in played out behind my eye lids.  I wasn’t on some far off adventure; I was dreaming.  I was passed out watching an IMAX fantasy flick at the Cinema de Snore.  Huge disappointment, but highly understandable.

You see, there are plenty of changes happening around here at CQ360.  Changes that keep a mind racing with anticipation.  My sleeping patterns have always been erratic but these days I sleep like a person who swallowed a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.  But do not fret because I spend my waking hours multitasking around the house with such frenzy that only  Paula Abdul’s freebasing cosmetic team would know what I’m talking about, and not only that, but I do it all while I listen and watch fashion shows at full volume.  My neighbors might think I’m hosting a rave, but theres only a party of two here.  So do as I do; wash dishes and bob your head to these fashion shows that follow.

First up is designer Paolo Gerani with his collection for “Iceberg”.  The show gets started off slow with a horrible opening track, but the pieces to the collection are completely sexy.  The girls look great in these sort of revamped late seventies retro outfits.  Check them out fellas because after watching this show you’ll be left rethinking your wardrobe game.

Here is a link to Iceberg’s complete collection.  I like looks number 3, 15, and 35. What do you think?

Next up is Giambattista Valli’s collection.  I posted this one before but I’m still stuck on it.  Also this time the soundtrack matches the girls on the runway.  This collection is filled with short dresses, flat shoes, and a hint rock-n-roll.  The shiny accessories around the neck or ankles is fantastic.  The orange and animal print together is inspiring too.

Here is a link to Giambattista’s complete collection.  Looks number 11, 24, and 40 did it for me on this one.  What do you think?

Lastly, I decided to share Alexander Wang.  Although known for his dark collection, I wouldn’t naturally gravitate toward his line, but what caught my attention was the remix of  Prodigy’s “Firestarter”.  His line reminds me of what Aeon Flux might wear had she retired her secret agent ways and joined our ho-hum society.  Take a look for yourselves.

Here is a link to Alexander Wang’s complete collection.  I liked looks number 18, 20, 26, 31, 32, and 38. What do you think?

Well, I hope you enjoyed yourself.  Until next time, hasta luego.

Fashion-Word-Em-Up:  When it comes to fashion, I don’t mind taking risks because it is my dream to become too rare to die.

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