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Comic Relief: Layla Lovelack

9 Feb

Layla Lovelack

Here we go, Moschino Fall/Winter 2013 for men.  I thought this collection would be perfect for the 14th. Enjoy!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up: There’s a reason February 14th has the initials VD, because it’s a time to get Viciously Dressed.


Comic Relief

8 Oct

Hello once again my dear ‘seekers’.  It’s time for another post here at CQ360; the fashion blog that moves at it’s own pace in a one-man race.  So have a laugh, a quiet chuckle, or a quick and short exhale from out your nose.  Whatever you do just have fun with it.

I leave behind Boomerang’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  Take to the sea and get nautical.  Until next time, nos vemos!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up:  Popularity by way of clothes means nothing without it’s regular foes.

Comic Relief

17 Jun


To all my CQ ‘seekers’, have a laugh on me. Enjoy!

What did you think? All comments are wanted and welcomed. Let me know what tickles your funny bone, and I’ll trade you a runway show filled with humor.

This is Andrea Crews PAFW Fall/Winter 2012 collection…


Fashion Word-Em’ Up: Laughter is the only trend worth adding to your style.

Comic Relief

25 Feb

Have a laugh on me, see you soon!

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2012….relax and enjoy

Fashion Word-Em-Up: The worst part of looking good is trying to find someone who is happy for you.

The Dunce

23 Nov

Another funny…

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2012

Fashion Word-Em-Up: If imagination is all you’ve got for a gift, don’t waste it! Rush out and get the diamonds.

Comic Relief 2

6 Aug

Wildfox Swim M-I-A 2012….Just watch.



Fashion Word-Em-Up: Get going. Move forward. Aim high. Plan a takeoff and lift off. Don’t just sit on the runway.

Comic Relief

25 Jul

Are you the vice president of a Yoda fan club?  Have you camped outside a theater three weeks prior to a movie’s film screening just to be part of a focus group? Or maybe your somewhat like these chicks but end up looking more like this pride of alpha males?  Whatever the case may be, I’d bet you a pair of Geordi La Forge VISOR glasses that you were in and/or around San Diego for this years Comic-Con.  The time when rabid comic-book collectors gather to flex their knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons and make a mockery off all those who haven’t a clue.

But I’ve learned that its not only the sweaty nerd types that show up dressed in a comic fashion.  Hollywood insiders (whose interest is just above zero) also come out to network with other insiders so to figure out a way to make money from these dorks.  There’s also the outrageously pretty actress that shows up to adhere to her contract obligations.  She hates being there and is constantly thinking, “Get this guy away from me!”.  And then of course, there is the geek’s arch nemesis…the hipster, we can always count on them to make something cool seem totally uncool once again.

Anyhow, in the spirit of Comic-Con I put together a comic strip so to build on my “nerd cred” (as if having a blog isn’t nerdy enough).  If I get a good response maybe there will be more?  Enjoy!

It’s only fitting that I leave you with Mugler’s Spring/Summer 2012 men’s collection.  If I were to go to Comic-Con I’d go like these guys.  Okay then, nos vemos y cuidate las albondigas!

Fashion Word-Em-Up: The fashion world is indeed a comic, but the joke is always on mankind.

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