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Carnival Ride

25 Mar

Our previous blog entry “Every Dog Has It’s Day” has been deleted.  We aren’t exactly sure how it happened, but from the fashion blog whose author’s spring wardrobe looks like an easter egg hunt extravaganza; Welcome to CQ360!

exit stage leftThank you for tuning in.  CQing is often harder than what it seems.  It may cause you to trip and rip out of your seams.  With a busted lip and dirty knees.  Yet, we continue to follow dreams.

dirty girlEnclosed in some clothes. Style bestowed. Superimposed for the masses.  No classes for this kind of fashion.

hark who goes thereOkay, that’s enough of that.  Until next time, larguesen!

I’ll leave you with Alexander Wang.

Fashion Word-Em Up: …………………..

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