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Gone With The Wind

28 Apr

Here it is.  CQ360.  The fashion blog that sails on like a cob webbed ghost ship.  Manned by the captain of, this vessel will soon drop anchor off the shores of Style Island.
land hoe!Rolling up and over the swells of graphic t-shirts, jeans, and multiple pairs of Jordans, it doesn’t take the view from the crow’s nest to see that this site has lowered the boom on updating its posts.

Slow Down matey

From here on out, the S.S. CQ360 will propel its self by oar, which only means the isles of fashion will be few and far in between.

Rock the boatUntil next time my fellow ‘seekers’, continue to row forward, and as your captain I promise you lush lands of styles to set your eyes upon.

I leave you with La Perla’s fall/winter 2013 collection, because sometimes less is more.

Fashion Word-Em’-Up: Fashion is a globe, the farther you sail, the closer you are to style.


Carnival Ride

25 Mar

Our previous blog entry “Every Dog Has It’s Day” has been deleted.  We aren’t exactly sure how it happened, but from the fashion blog whose author’s spring wardrobe looks like an easter egg hunt extravaganza; Welcome to CQ360!

exit stage leftThank you for tuning in.  CQing is often harder than what it seems.  It may cause you to trip and rip out of your seams.  With a busted lip and dirty knees.  Yet, we continue to follow dreams.

dirty girlEnclosed in some clothes. Style bestowed. Superimposed for the masses.  No classes for this kind of fashion.

hark who goes thereOkay, that’s enough of that.  Until next time, larguesen!

I’ll leave you with Alexander Wang.

Fashion Word-Em Up: …………………..

Comic Relief: Layla Lovelack

9 Feb

Layla Lovelack

Here we go, Moschino Fall/Winter 2013 for men.  I thought this collection would be perfect for the 14th. Enjoy!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up: There’s a reason February 14th has the initials VD, because it’s a time to get Viciously Dressed.

O Canada, for Walt Art Thou?

4 Feb

Reporting live from the exotic land of Anaheim, California it’s CQ360; the fashion blog whose search for creativity leads me toward the gates of a Magic Kingdom.  It’s here at the Happiest Place on Earth that a pair of jacket patches brought a larger smile to my face than Fastpassing toward the front of an hour long Indian Jones Adventure line with a corn dog in my hand.  Thanks to Mr. Dennis Fisher for taking the time to share his jacket patches, and his never ending love for it’s creator; his wife Mrs. Jean Fisher.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s this type of originality that speaks volumes about the love of style, and a style of love that speaks louder than a bouquet of roses and chocolates.

Mr. Fisher

See you ‘seekers’ soon.  This is Tsumori Chisato Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion Word-Em’ Up: As long as there’s imagination, style and Disneyland will never be completed.

Comic Relief: Made Up To Get Down

31 Dec

Happy New Year ‘seekers’!

I’ll leave you with Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.  See you next year…Feliz ano nuevo!

Fashion Word-Em Up: Kiss and makeup.

Comic Relief

8 Oct

Hello once again my dear ‘seekers’.  It’s time for another post here at CQ360; the fashion blog that moves at it’s own pace in a one-man race.  So have a laugh, a quiet chuckle, or a quick and short exhale from out your nose.  Whatever you do just have fun with it.

I leave behind Boomerang’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  Take to the sea and get nautical.  Until next time, nos vemos!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up:  Popularity by way of clothes means nothing without it’s regular foes.

Bear Down

5 Sep

Okay my fellow ‘seekers’, huddle up!  There’s no question that another season is upon us.  I’ve studied the film, examined the threads, and truth be told, not all of you are going to be here.  I wish I could say, “welcome everybody”, but we pussyfooted through the summer with seersucker and eyelet fabrics, and now that Fall is approaching I need a team whose ready to play in a big one.

This time around we’re separating the men from the fashionistas, and we’re going to find out who really wants to play this game, and who doesn’t.  Heavier fabrics, jeans, and long sleeves will show the women just how badly you want it.  Your time is right now.  So own this moment, and execute your layers. Perfect your outfit, and leave it all out there.  This is where you’ll define yourself as a stylish winner.

But I want you to know this, here at CQ360 no man nor woman is bigger than the team.  We go full speed in support of one another, and on occasion we practice dressing similar, but never alike.  Our purpose is to send a strong message to our opponents that says,”we are a team of guts and guile”.

So let’s get things going!  If you want to be a tank top wearing candy ass, and frolic in board shorts all season long then this isn’t the house for you. Summer’s picnic is over, and I need our ‘seekers’ to be ready, and willing to challenge their closets this season.  Don’t be frightened to hit fashion in it’s trendy mouth.  Blitz your coworkers by pairing a tweed jacket or pant with bright hues, and bold accessories, or sack the competition by rocking a denim jacket over a geometric print dress.  Remember, this Fall is yours for the taking.  Go big or stay home!

Well that about does it for this post.  I’ll leave you all with By Malene Birger’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection…until next time…nos vemos!

Fashion Word Em’ Up:  Add a few layers to your wardrobe, so to protect you from the cold realities of life’s painful tackles.

Holy Catwalk

22 Aug

“It is a moment, an expression.  My philosophy of fashion is humor, jokes and games.  I make my own rules.  I never pick up something and just throw it on my back like that.  There’s a little bit of study, and it’s always better if I think about what I’m going to wear the night before the next day.  And what is be avoided at all costs is the twinset look, the total look.” A. Piaggi

Anna Piaggi.   A Style Inventor, muse to Karl , a fearless rockstar of fashion whom refused to fit her ingenuity with others has passed into a world of eccentric spirits; leaving behind a lasting legacy that’s sure to teach the paparazzi-loving generation a few things about costume history.

Long before missile tits, and carne asada there was Anna.  The Italian woman everyone gossiped to their friends about. Casually wearing masterpieces on her way to the market, a theater, or fashion show. A walking museum of style that could outshine your best duds at a conference with Jay-Z.  This is Anna Piaggi, my fellow ‘seekers’.  Long live a queen whose past will Forever(21) remain in your H&M present.

Thank you for visiting.  This is CQ360, the fashion blog written while Alexis Mabille’s haute couture plays in the background.  Until next time my ‘seekers’…Nos vemos!

Fashion Word Em’ Up: Don’t look for the approval of others, wear your boas and your top hats because it’s your druthers.

Reporting for Duty

26 Apr

Greetings ‘seekers’!  This is your trustworthy author, Carl Freedom, reporting to you live for CQ360.  We interrupt your regularly scheduled Kardashian internet browsing to bring you this very important public service announcement. It has been brought to our attention that murderous monsters are on the loose, and have attempted to disguise themselves as civilians.  Authorities are considering these beasts to be highly dangerous, and advise witnesses to stay clear of their paths, shut their closet doors, and report the matter to someone with a high pitched scream.

These enduring legends have been on the lam for many seasons.  The Draucula, and his powers of seduction no longer hide behind a cape, but cloaks himself  in collar popped polos or button-downs.  Eyewitnesses have also reported seeing Dracula walking in broad day light wearing a protective top coat while counting sheep.

Frankenstein has grunted together his very own gang of style hooligans; also known as “The Horror”.  To avoid being apprehended, the 7 foot strangler has taken refuge behind cubicles of various office buildings, and has foregone numerous reconstructive surgeries.  The real Frankenstein can now only be identified by his corrective shoes, and his violent tantrums with the coffee maker.

Our reporters have provided us with this snapshot of The Creature from the Black Lagoon; minutes before he kidnapped the woman to a watery grave. The most savage of the immortal bunch, the gilled man’s frayed fins are a distinctive trait local citizens are told to be aware of.

And finally, we have the two most elusive monstrosities of “The Horror” gang: The Invisible Man, and The Mummy.  Both of whom share similar features.  The Mummy, because he hasn’t a brain, remains clothed in Ace bandages circa  1300 BC.  His slow movements make it easy for him to remain at large in a fast paced culture.  The Invisible Man, on the other hand, has shown great efforts to conceal his identity.  Authorities have warned the community to remain vigilant around men wearing lensless eyeglasses.  The Invisible Man has taken on the sophisticated, fun, and youthful personas to charm his way into bank accounts of senior citizens.  Although he appears nonthreatening, sources say he is a crazed individual whose true identity will give way while watching a Lakers basketball game.

Thank you all for tuning in. I am Carl Freedom, and this has been a public service announcement for CQ360.  Until next time…nos vemos!

This is Paolo Gerani for Iceberg Fall 2012….disheveled & sexy. Kate King at 7:31

Fashion Word-Em-Up: There is no monster as scary as a gentleman without manners, love, and a well fitted suit.

Safari, so goody!

31 Mar

Welcome to CQ360!  The fashion blog whose author returns from a safari through the Serengeti wilderness that is his closet.  Wild chinos, ferocious leathers, proud cottons, and liquor born skeletons roam a cramped countryside where survival hangs in the balance.

It was out here in the deep silence of the bush, that a pair of neon’s reared it’s brilliant hue.  It’s majestic flock can be easily mistaken for it’s wretched cousins, “The Fluorescent Eagle” and “The Day-Glo Quail“.  This spring, use the power of neon to attract rather than to blind.

The madness of March hit me like a terrestrial downpour in a drought ridden hamper.  Cold, wet, and  smelling slightly gamey, the Land Rover ride past a pod of hippos and last years Toms were inspiring.  From the bright colored (female) birds to the red clay dirt, it was obvious to me that (men) lions should place great emphasis on their feet this spring.  It is rumored that lionesses take heed to a man whose paws shine unlike those of cubs.  Remember my fellow ‘seekers’, survival of the fittest is the name of the game, and if chasing is what we were born to do, it’s best that you place your best foot forward.

That about does it for this post.  Thank you all for visiting, and please feel free to leave us a comment of any type.  I leave you with Custo Barcelona and his NYFW Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

My Fashion Word-Em-Up: If you don’t hunt it down and wear it, it’ll hunt you down and wear you.

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