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Comic Relief: Layla Lovelack

9 Feb

Layla Lovelack

Here we go, Moschino Fall/Winter 2013 for men.  I thought this collection would be perfect for the 14th. Enjoy!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up: There’s a reason February 14th has the initials VD, because it’s a time to get Viciously Dressed.


O Canada, for Walt Art Thou?

4 Feb

Reporting live from the exotic land of Anaheim, California it’s CQ360; the fashion blog whose search for creativity leads me toward the gates of a Magic Kingdom.  It’s here at the Happiest Place on Earth that a pair of jacket patches brought a larger smile to my face than Fastpassing toward the front of an hour long Indian Jones Adventure line with a corn dog in my hand.  Thanks to Mr. Dennis Fisher for taking the time to share his jacket patches, and his never ending love for it’s creator; his wife Mrs. Jean Fisher.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s this type of originality that speaks volumes about the love of style, and a style of love that speaks louder than a bouquet of roses and chocolates.

Mr. Fisher

See you ‘seekers’ soon.  This is Tsumori Chisato Spring/Summer 2013

Fashion Word-Em’ Up: As long as there’s imagination, style and Disneyland will never be completed.

Neptune’s Triton

23 Jan


Out from the churning waters of 2012, it’s the return of CQ360; the fashion blog whose author’s trident has receded the roiling white foam, and exposed the calm sands of 2013.

20130114-081208.jpgWith the winter’s chill in the air, and the beach-blanket-bingo barnacles encrusted in their cowl sweaters, I revel in the serenity of an empty shore the way a bluish green Poseidon would just before a storm hits the solitude of an oceanfront resort.

K19-1588It’s times like this that sandpiper footprints read best.  So with the help of my trident, we deciphered their scattered impressions as well as analyzed their awkward flight patterns to reveal that more statement sunglasses are headed our way.


As the sun sets on yet another CQ360 blog post, I leave you my fellow ‘seekers’, mounted on the back of a breaching humpback whale.  Cawing at seagulls about featherweight sheer like a Central Park pigeon feeder would left over challah.  This is the way of life here in Atlantis. Submerge yourself.


Until next time my crustacean ‘seekers’…nos vemos.  I’ll leave you with Kenzo spring/summer 2013.

Fashion Word-Em Up: In the Sea of Style, always swim against the current.

Comic Relief: Made Up To Get Down

31 Dec

Happy New Year ‘seekers’!

I’ll leave you with Byblos Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.  See you next year…Feliz ano nuevo!

Fashion Word-Em Up: Kiss and makeup.

Ain’t No New Thing

21 Dec

Returning from the ashes of a Mayan doomsday calendar, it’s the phoenix-like fashion blog CQ360; the website whose author arises from a fiery hamper to steam press the year 2013 with his clairvoyant visions of it’s future.

The coming time promises more demonstrations, and revolutionary turmoil dressed in hoodies.  Store fronts, vehicles, and leather skirts unapproved by Rowdy Roddy Piper will be set alight in the name of protest.  These are not false prophesies my faithful ‘seekers’, but manifestations that will ignite a celestial spark towards illuminating a star named Trayvon.

Although menacing in appearance, be not afraid of the hooded sweatshirt’s inextinguishable flair.  It’s unweary fire will heal more than it destroys, and warm more than it burns.  Ruffians and recluses will kindle 2013’s love for cozy.  Take heed to these visions or suffer the scrutiny.

With the fleeing energy of a solar flare, it is time to return to the furnace of hangers and mannequins.  The phoenix-like fashion blog whose author soars in a blaze of glory must come to rest in it’s own ash.  This has been CQ360, until next year’s ressurrection…feliz navidad y un feliz ano nuevo.

Louise Gray Spring/Summer 2013…

Fashion Word-Em’-Up:  The hoodie makes a statement, not a confession. – Glenn O’Brien

Holy Daze

11 Nov

Family, friends, and fellow ‘seekers’ welcome to CQ360; the fashion blog whose author’s sobriety has fallen by the wayside to a pfeffernusse addiction.  With Target commercials leading the pack, the hounds have been released to trot through our subconscious, posters of Starbucks’s peppermint mocha lattes will line the walls of our retinas, and the warm buttery aroma of Williams-Sonoma’s cinnamon spiced chestnuts will lift us like Looney Tunes characters gliding toward a trail of deliciousness. Be forewarned my dearest ‘seekers’. ‘Tis the season of the shopocalypse, and it’s only a matter of time before you too will join me as a powdered sugar covered Tony Montana.

As the wheels of a devilish marketing plan turn, retailers gloat at the sight of bargain shoppers trampling each other like Koi over bread crumbs.  So admist the eves of Black Fridays, and After-Christmas sales everywhere, I beg of you, before you leave the house to ask yourself, “Do I wear steel toes or tennis shoes?”.

Because one thing is for sure, America’s passion for consumption has gone hog-wild for goods we don’t need.  Cars are being parked overnight in the streets, and taking up guest parking spots because our garages have become closets.  It’s time to push back, and save our culture from becoming legions of feral shoppers.

Certainly, nobody can stop shopping, but we can have a conscious as to how we shop.  Driving our SUV’s to Macys to cure a sales-rack withdrawl is pointless when last season’s wardrobe can handle today, and many other seasons to come.  Shop from within your closet.  Dust off that sheath dress, or old vest, and layer it over a shirt.  Gift wrap it for the following morning, and bake some holiday treats with the money saved.

The lights are done up, the wreaths are out, and the turkeys have been shipped.  The time has also come for coffee liqueurs, and bite-sized s’mores that leave trails of chocolate on our lips.  However it’s spent make it cheap, yet rich with love, but most of all remember to thank the Great Unknown from above.

Well, that about does it for this post.  I’ll leave you with Marchesa’s Spring/Summer 2013; this collection reminds me of christmas ornaments. Until next time, nos vemos.

Fashion Word-Em’-Up: Christmas, my ‘seekers’, isn’t just a date.  It’s a state of mind that begins with one old sweater at a time.

Comic Relief

8 Oct

Hello once again my dear ‘seekers’.  It’s time for another post here at CQ360; the fashion blog that moves at it’s own pace in a one-man race.  So have a laugh, a quiet chuckle, or a quick and short exhale from out your nose.  Whatever you do just have fun with it.

I leave behind Boomerang’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  Take to the sea and get nautical.  Until next time, nos vemos!

Fashion Word-Em’ Up:  Popularity by way of clothes means nothing without it’s regular foes.

Bear Down

5 Sep

Okay my fellow ‘seekers’, huddle up!  There’s no question that another season is upon us.  I’ve studied the film, examined the threads, and truth be told, not all of you are going to be here.  I wish I could say, “welcome everybody”, but we pussyfooted through the summer with seersucker and eyelet fabrics, and now that Fall is approaching I need a team whose ready to play in a big one.

This time around we’re separating the men from the fashionistas, and we’re going to find out who really wants to play this game, and who doesn’t.  Heavier fabrics, jeans, and long sleeves will show the women just how badly you want it.  Your time is right now.  So own this moment, and execute your layers. Perfect your outfit, and leave it all out there.  This is where you’ll define yourself as a stylish winner.

But I want you to know this, here at CQ360 no man nor woman is bigger than the team.  We go full speed in support of one another, and on occasion we practice dressing similar, but never alike.  Our purpose is to send a strong message to our opponents that says,”we are a team of guts and guile”.

So let’s get things going!  If you want to be a tank top wearing candy ass, and frolic in board shorts all season long then this isn’t the house for you. Summer’s picnic is over, and I need our ‘seekers’ to be ready, and willing to challenge their closets this season.  Don’t be frightened to hit fashion in it’s trendy mouth.  Blitz your coworkers by pairing a tweed jacket or pant with bright hues, and bold accessories, or sack the competition by rocking a denim jacket over a geometric print dress.  Remember, this Fall is yours for the taking.  Go big or stay home!

Well that about does it for this post.  I’ll leave you all with By Malene Birger’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection…until next time…nos vemos!

Fashion Word Em’ Up:  Add a few layers to your wardrobe, so to protect you from the cold realities of life’s painful tackles.

Holy Catwalk

22 Aug

“It is a moment, an expression.  My philosophy of fashion is humor, jokes and games.  I make my own rules.  I never pick up something and just throw it on my back like that.  There’s a little bit of study, and it’s always better if I think about what I’m going to wear the night before the next day.  And what is be avoided at all costs is the twinset look, the total look.” A. Piaggi

Anna Piaggi.   A Style Inventor, muse to Karl , a fearless rockstar of fashion whom refused to fit her ingenuity with others has passed into a world of eccentric spirits; leaving behind a lasting legacy that’s sure to teach the paparazzi-loving generation a few things about costume history.

Long before missile tits, and carne asada there was Anna.  The Italian woman everyone gossiped to their friends about. Casually wearing masterpieces on her way to the market, a theater, or fashion show. A walking museum of style that could outshine your best duds at a conference with Jay-Z.  This is Anna Piaggi, my fellow ‘seekers’.  Long live a queen whose past will Forever(21) remain in your H&M present.

Thank you for visiting.  This is CQ360, the fashion blog written while Alexis Mabille’s haute couture plays in the background.  Until next time my ‘seekers’…Nos vemos!

Fashion Word Em’ Up: Don’t look for the approval of others, wear your boas and your top hats because it’s your druthers.

From A to Z

11 Jul

Like Salvadore returning to a vortex of tantric rituals, welcome back to CQ360; the fashion blog whose author has gone over the edge, and into the Grand Canyon of comfortability.

Armed with nothing but a brimmed hat and a Clint Eastwood squint, I made for Sedona on a horse named Chevy.  Mirages of magnificent gypsies cladded in southwestern prints with wide loose sleeves led the way.  Their aura cooled the sultriness of the air.  This was Arizona.

Although majestic, her red rock, turquoise bolo ties, and Indian ruins have all been through the mill long enough to know that they’d be overshadowed by the necessity to stay cool.

In a land where cacti fight over wild coyotes; the heat reigns supreme.  The idea is to be as comfortable as a Colt .45 is to a gunslinger.  Packing plenty of tank tops and shorts into a leather holster is one piece of advice no suburban cowboy should be without.  The other, is never follow an apparition dressed to kill down a waterless Arizonian trail, because no matter how gorgeous the high-heeled-white-buffalo-vest wearing native might be; buzzard bait will become you.

Well my fellow ‘seekers’…ya estuvo! I’ll leave you with Baum und Pferdgarten’s Fall/Winter collection for 2012

Fashion Word-Em’ Up:  Wear a hat while expecting trouble in the desert, then you’ll see the comfort in it’s silence.

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