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Hug Me Til’ You Drug Me

6 Jun

For those of you itching to get another dose of this street cured blog of a drug; your wait is finally over.  Your pusher is here, and I’m serving up visual stimulants that’ll reveal some of my latest fascinations with fashion that will also make the month long withdrawal seem worth while.  It seems like it only yesterday that you were strung out and running errands around town looking like Felicia.  Watching you lying in a fetal position and nibbling through old issues of Cosmo in hopes that some style would come oozing from your pores was the straw that broke this dealer’s back.  So instead of watching you become a detoxed-khaki-colored-snooze-fest, I did what any trafficker would do; bring you more of what you need!

There’s an endless supply so don’t be ashamed to get CQ’d more than twice a week.  Sit back and unwind.  Live in your tank top and tattered jeans this summer.  Most importantly be prepared to leave the comforts of your dungeon-like apartment.  Since CQ has been known to act as a hallucinogen it’s no surprise that you might find yourself roaming the streets at odd hours.  So take it from your trusted devilish pusher; wear a pair of delicately laced socks with your vintage rose pink (I love a girl in this hue of pink) heels to keep your feet from going raw.  Click here to see how two of my addicts do the look.

If you find yourself foaming at the mouth like a pregnant woman would pistachio gelato or noticed that you’ve become as irritable as a Burmese tiger in a tiger pit that means your high, my post, is nearing the end. The work week is calling and I can’t be held responsible for sending my fellow ‘seekers’ to their nine to fives dressed like Mary Kate and Ashley’s boho-chic ways.  Instead, try on a heel with some serious color and bold hardware.  If you plan on privately visiting cloud nine at your cubicle remember to throw on a neutral colored coat or sweater with clean lines.  It’ll help others concentrate on your wardrobe other than your saucer eyes.  Also, come quitting time, slide those dainty hands into a tightly fit vibrant pair of red leather gloves just for me. Okay that’s a wrap for this post. Until next time…Nos vemos.

Tonight’s video is Sarah Burton for the late Alexander McQueen.  Sarah’s dress at 5:35 makes me want a daughter.

Fashion Word Em’ Up:  If you’ve never seen an elephant ski, you’ve never been on acid or witnessed a Lane Bryant winter collection.

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