for people who take strange baths

4 Dec

Dear ‘seekers’,

Tune in to this one. She got a thing going on, and if you aint catching on, you outta touch.

for the love of nike

bathing in NIkesbathing in NIkesbathing in nikes I took these photos with my sneakers a while back, so it was a surprise to me when I received a text from a friend, “You’re on theCHIVE!” I was confused. So I pulled up the site, opened a post entitled for no rhyme or reason…strange baths, scrolled down for a bajillion years, and saw myself staring back awkwardly from a bathtub. Hilarious huh?
What do you think? Would you rather bathe in Nikes? Popcorn? Strawberries? Candy? Check out theCHIVE to see more of the strange photos. I will note that it’s pretty funny that I’m one of the only fully clothed girls to ever be on theCHIVE, especially when you consider that I’m in a tub. Oh theCHI-rony!

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One Response to “for people who take strange baths”

  1. jennifermdarling December 4, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    thanks for the reblog! you rock!

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