Holy Daze

11 Nov

Family, friends, and fellow ‘seekers’ welcome to CQ360; the fashion blog whose author’s sobriety has fallen by the wayside to a pfeffernusse addiction.  With Target commercials leading the pack, the hounds have been released to trot through our subconscious, posters of Starbucks’s peppermint mocha lattes will line the walls of our retinas, and the warm buttery aroma of Williams-Sonoma’s cinnamon spiced chestnuts will lift us like Looney Tunes characters gliding toward a trail of deliciousness. Be forewarned my dearest ‘seekers’. ‘Tis the season of the shopocalypse, and it’s only a matter of time before you too will join me as a powdered sugar covered Tony Montana.

As the wheels of a devilish marketing plan turn, retailers gloat at the sight of bargain shoppers trampling each other like Koi over bread crumbs.  So admist the eves of Black Fridays, and After-Christmas sales everywhere, I beg of you, before you leave the house to ask yourself, “Do I wear steel toes or tennis shoes?”.

Because one thing is for sure, America’s passion for consumption has gone hog-wild for goods we don’t need.  Cars are being parked overnight in the streets, and taking up guest parking spots because our garages have become closets.  It’s time to push back, and save our culture from becoming legions of feral shoppers.

Certainly, nobody can stop shopping, but we can have a conscious as to how we shop.  Driving our SUV’s to Macys to cure a sales-rack withdrawl is pointless when last season’s wardrobe can handle today, and many other seasons to come.  Shop from within your closet.  Dust off that sheath dress, or old vest, and layer it over a shirt.  Gift wrap it for the following morning, and bake some holiday treats with the money saved.

The lights are done up, the wreaths are out, and the turkeys have been shipped.  The time has also come for coffee liqueurs, and bite-sized s’mores that leave trails of chocolate on our lips.  However it’s spent make it cheap, yet rich with love, but most of all remember to thank the Great Unknown from above.

Well, that about does it for this post.  I’ll leave you with Marchesa’s Spring/Summer 2013; this collection reminds me of christmas ornaments. Until next time, nos vemos.

Fashion Word-Em’-Up: Christmas, my ‘seekers’, isn’t just a date.  It’s a state of mind that begins with one old sweater at a time.


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