From A to Z

11 Jul

Like Salvadore returning to a vortex of tantric rituals, welcome back to CQ360; the fashion blog whose author has gone over the edge, and into the Grand Canyon of comfortability.

Armed with nothing but a brimmed hat and a Clint Eastwood squint, I made for Sedona on a horse named Chevy.  Mirages of magnificent gypsies cladded in southwestern prints with wide loose sleeves led the way.  Their aura cooled the sultriness of the air.  This was Arizona.

Although majestic, her red rock, turquoise bolo ties, and Indian ruins have all been through the mill long enough to know that they’d be overshadowed by the necessity to stay cool.

In a land where cacti fight over wild coyotes; the heat reigns supreme.  The idea is to be as comfortable as a Colt .45 is to a gunslinger.  Packing plenty of tank tops and shorts into a leather holster is one piece of advice no suburban cowboy should be without.  The other, is never follow an apparition dressed to kill down a waterless Arizonian trail, because no matter how gorgeous the high-heeled-white-buffalo-vest wearing native might be; buzzard bait will become you.

Well my fellow ‘seekers’…ya estuvo! I’ll leave you with Baum und Pferdgarten’s Fall/Winter collection for 2012

Fashion Word-Em’ Up:  Wear a hat while expecting trouble in the desert, then you’ll see the comfort in it’s silence.


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