Close Encounter

12 May

From the southernmost mall in Orange County, California, which is teeming with upscale fashion forward creatures, it’s CQ360! The blog whose author moonlights as a wildlife sartorialist trapper, finds himself in the midst of one of the greatest natural phenomena in our community; the elusive Central Asian snow leopard.

This marvelous being is the pinnacle of style. Stalking it’s prey among the ceramic tiles, he moves on pronounced paws. His leather Western boots, tattersall checkered shirt, and plaid pants are always in a refreshing hue of cool.  While the common fashion-savvy feline relies on trends to feed, this leopard, scales the sheer cliffs of style to dine on outfits only suitable for it’s diet.  As the top carnivore of the mall, the snow leopard’s style strongly influences the numbers and whereabouts to fashionistas everywhere.  A consequence that makes this big cat a keystone species, and a governing force in a fashion crazed ecosystem.

Okay, well that about does it for this post.  I’ll leave you all with Frankie Morello’s 2012 fall/winter collection. From one big cat to the next…nos vemos!

Fashion Word Em’ Up: Release your inner leopard, or risk becoming endangered.


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