Smile Now, Cry Never

29 Feb

Welcome back to the fashion blog whose author has placed a proverbial band-aid over the meanest February this site has experienced since Mr. Blackwell called Madonna “the bare-bottomed boar of Babylon”.

With only 29 days to it’s name, the month cut deep into our souls, and removed all the love, and peace that was Don Cornelius.  Unfortunately, the loss came and went like the keffiyeh fad did Jay-Z’s neck.  “Uncle Don” made it okay for a style savvy, street dancing, hip talking community to express themselves on television without prejudice.  Yet, somehow not a platform heel busted, nor an Afro Sheened, not even a bell-bottom was rung for a final Soul Train line.  Instead, we heard of how Oprah did the unthinkable; she wore her gold Theia dress twice in one lifetime.

February didn’t stop there.  It’s mean streak continued to grow like a deodorant stain on your favorite shirt.  The dark glamoured horseman came for the best gown wearing diva our ears have had the chance to listen to.  Rest in peace Whitney Houston.

And finally, just when we thought we were out of the woods, the death of the NBA’s dunk contest had me hiding under a table.  It was so painful to watch.  I contemplated removing my eyeballs, and preserving them in formaldehyde as I couldn’t find it in me to look away.  One man air-balled his entire body as he attempted a slam dunk.  The fact that I’ve seen better dunks at a baptismal was disheartening.  The contest used to showcase a basketball player’s style as he glided through the air like an F-14 Tomcat on a mission to drop a bomb on a poor innocent rim.  This year, the rim rejected so many dunk attempts that it signed a deal to perform it’s very own standup special on Comedy Central.

Now that we’ve reached the last day of the shortest month of the year, it’s safe to say that we can all relax because the mean streak is officially over. So,until next time…hasta luego.

The greatest runway of all time…

Fashion Word-Em-Up: Life is too short to not look good for a never ending AFTER party.


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