All Hands on Deck

8 Feb

Like Barney Fife and Plaxico Burgess wore their weapons; this blog post is all about fashion accessories.  I’m talking about the kind of adornments that would drive every fashion savvy shopaholic off a cliff with Thelma and Louise.  An accessory that is only akin to madness and pure genius.  As author of CQ360, it is my privilege to present the blog’s highest most chic decorations, the Medals of Honor, to the soldiers of parenthood.

All around the nation fathers and mothers risk their cashmeres, silks, pima cottons and other fine fabrics to achieve their mission of soothing gassy cranky babies.  Their unwavering courage, selflessness, and decisive parental leadership in the face of burping newborns is essential to attaining a tranquil state of mind.  In doing so, hundreds upon thousands of button down shirts and blouses have fallen victim to the IED-like explosions of vomiting hiccups.  As a fellow veteran of this stain filled struggle, take my advice; don’t hurry to change shirts.  Instead, carry on with your heads held high and wear the blemish like it were a coveted  Aurelie Biddermann.

After a long day of manning the family tank, mashing bananas into MRE meals, and lugging Babybjorns onto the front lines; wrinkles will scar your appearance.  But cease not at the sight of a crease, nor ache in the  pains of stains.  Instead, march against a regime so vile that it uses it’s axis of cuteness as a weapon of mass manipulation.  As all parental soldiers know, remember to keep calm and cool when in the line of fire.  Our government issued Aden and Anais field blankets can help us do just that.  This piece of accessory was meant for tourniquet purposes, but our brave medics have fashioned them into chic head or neck scarves to keep us from going AWOL in smelly situations.

We here at CQ360, hope that this post will serve as a reminder of the responsibilities that comes with the gift of life.  And as you depart our blog and return to your lives, we hope that you wear our medals of style with as much diginity as those who wear the nation’s stars of valor.  Until next time….nos vemos.

Burberry Prorsum Man Fall/Winter 2012…good looking tough pieces here I thought.

Fashion Word-Em’-Up: Impose your style as far as your army (baby) can reach.


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