Sim Sim Salabim

21 Jan

Come.  Be seated upon my rugs.  For only 2 dinari, I offer you the greetings of a manifestation that’ll reveal the fate of your trendy wardrobes.  So put your feet up, gaze into my eyes, and lend me an ear so to share these fortunes of vogue with you my fellow ‘seeker’.

From behind these curtains, visions of a Jumpman seduction needs no introduction.  Slightly used or brand new,  Jordans in various hues will put you on a digable planet rebirthing slick.  A region where fowl flee from their nest, and headbands grace double haired knots on their guest.

You see, the reading of crystal jewels, the shuffling of tarot cards, and the burning of sage all share a tale of steampunk.  So, welcome with your lungs it’s fumes of funk.  And although it pumps through your pulmonary trunk, leave behind the harem pants to smolder with the junk. Unless, of course, your in the mood to dance, hold hands, and boogaloo to the baselines of J. Pitts for a spell.

One thing is for sure, an 8 ball never nose. The outcome of your clothes should always look good in a pose. And if you don’t already know, pleats on a sheer maxi dress can withstand the test of time.  But be forewarned, the style is more alluring than cool whip on a key lime pie. A love potion number 9 for a smile so benign.  Well now, like the Aztec’s have declared, this is the end.  But I speak not of an apocalypse where the sun will eternally retire, and a bloody moon will ascend. Instead, I bid you farewell my ‘seeker’ friend. For 2 dinari is all that you spent on the futures of trend.  So until next time, your visit I suspend.

Junko Shimada Spring/Summer 2012…foxy.

Fashion Word-em Up:  Dont edit your own soul according to future trends, because whatever does not pretend is where style begins.


One Response to “Sim Sim Salabim”

  1. Kaiolohia January 21, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    This one is cool I like all the rhyming

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