A Bug’s Life

18 Nov

Once again, and like always, welcome back my fellow ‘seekers’ to another post here at CQ360; the blog whose author moonlights as an entomologist, yet still cringes at the sight of a silverfish.

Now that the season’s air has become crisp, and fallen leaves have become our new flowers; Autumn, the “second spring” gives birth to a common insect known as the Cold Bug.  It’s toxins alone aren’t a big deal, but combined with the bite of the incurable Fashion Bug, together these creepy-crawlers make for a virus that’ll have you “ralphing” in colors Polo shirts have never seen before.

The Cold bug (Ha-chooium coughis) as well as the Fashion bug (Fashinicus stilus) were first born somewhere in Europe.  Thanks to evolution and exploration they now are indigenous to various parts of the globe.  Although elusive by nature, their nests can be easily spotted.

Yes, Victoria’s Secret’s PINK sweats, Yoga pants, and chunky sweaters are where the insects reside.  Recuperation sits second to none when faced with a fever, runny nose, and cough.  So although the ensemble is far from chic, running errands in them is excusable if you’ve been bitten.  But keep in mind, these arthropods are stubborn and if not cured immediately the untidy-booty-full-laxity look can become a staple in your closet.   Coincidentally, forcing you to act crazy when your love sponge zeros in for another cold tony.

I’m not a doctor, but as your entomologist I do know how to ward off an attack of Ha-chooium coughis.  So for my lady ‘seekers’, trade in your shoulder revealing tops for a Wynter V-necked or cowlnecked sweater.  As for my guy ‘seekers’ whom are going from swimming pools to football pools, ditch the cargo trunks and do something along the lines of what I’m doing here on CQ360.

That about does it for this post. Have an awesome time with family and friends this Thanksgiving! Stay healthy and as people in my profession say…”Largasen moscas!”

Leaving you with Milly Sping/Summer 2012 because I like the combination of music and collection…enjoy.

Fashion Word-Em-Up:  In the matters of surviving Autumn, sweaters are a cup of tea with honey and a windshield for days that bug. 


2 Responses to “A Bug’s Life”

  1. Ray November 18, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    thank you Mr. entomologist…hope I don’t get the Ha-chooium coughis

  2. Ohquela! November 18, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Way to expose this pesty insect , Mr. Entomologist! More people need to be aware of its existence so that together we can ward off their horrific attack! You will know if you’ve been hit, when you feel like you have severe “huevo-nitis”, (laziness) and you can’ t help yourself as you’re reaching in your closet to pull out the “PINK” sweats! You tell yourself, well at least it’s pink for Breast Cancer awareness, yea! But no… denial is the second syptom. Today, working for the cause, I proudly say , I’m wearing my Charter Club V neck sweater with my straing-leg Levis 505s 🙂 Ay que cuuute, como dice tu Tia!

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