A Coming of Age

8 Nov

Welcome to another post here at CQ360.  The fashion blog whose author is soaking in a Hot Tub Time Machine set for 1992.  A time when hurricanes of girl-crazed hormones came crashing onto my 13 year old shores.  Flash flooding themselves right passed a collection of Upper Deck basketball cards and Mad magazines.  Girls became the new video game to conquer, but my only problem was that I never owned a Nintendo.  They were listening to Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison”, putting on red lipstick, tartan skirts with Dr. Martens boots, and showing off their waistlines in Cross Colour overalls.  Drowning in daily infatuations, my love game was like FEMA; slow to respond and filled with plenty of disappointing results.  Together, it all overwhelmed my middle school levees.

The last bell would ring.  2:35pm.  Finally released from their voodoo-like love spells.  The long walk home was detox.  That is, until she came into the picture.Before I knew what style was, I waited for her once a week.  Lips pressed on the tube.  So supreme was she, and so UNLV Starter jacket-Reebok Pump-wearing geek was I.  She showed me the answers to all of life’s mysteries without saying a word.  These were lessons that couldn’t be found in text books.

I learned how powerful could be charming and cool…

And how traditional didn’t have to mean straight-laced…

And most importantly, to love and enjoy our lives with all the funk and pizzaz that our teenage years were.

Well the water in the Hot Tub Time Machine is getting low, and that means it’s time to return to a manhood hastened by the realities of my Queen and little ‘King’.  Long live the essence that was Denise Huxtable; CQ360’s first style icon.  Until next time…Nos vemos chismosos!

I dig this collection: Tracy Reese Spring/Summer 2012.

My Fashion-Word-Em-Up: The first sign of love is timidity, so wear your heart on your sleeve, because bravery as a teen is always in fashion.


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