Cosmo Kramer

20 Sep

Well-tailored Simon Spurr suit is a go. Otis James necktie is a go. Asymmetric monk-strapped calf skinned Ferragamo shoes are a go! Mission Control, this is CQ360 ready for departure.  All ‘seekers’ are aboard and ready for hyperspace liftoff.  This time around our destination is 13 billion light years away in the constellation of Au Courant where a galaxy accommodates for Planet Chic.

Upon our voyage into the intergalactic vastness that is vogue, don’t be shocked to learn that the entire fashion world is led by a few extraterrestrials dressed like this.  Hand selected by the raise of an eyebrow.  It’s inhabitants belong to an exclusive society.  Much like the hotspring-bathing snow monkeys of Japan; not everyone gets gets a dip.

According to my cosmic logs, upon landing on the celestial phenomenon we are to meet the great Joan Rivers; the Supreme Commander of Plant Chic’s fashion police.  Gravity hasn’t always been kind to Lady Rivers, but the gal still possess the sartorial brilliance to comedically make a pair of Teva flip-flops spontaneously self combust.

I’ve star-trekked to and from the fashion world on numerous missions. My findings of the “Chic-asoid” people is in itself an extensively deep report.  N.A.S.A has confiscated my work and forbidden me to speak of my research. Yet, for the sake of CQ360 and it’s ‘seekers’, I continue to ride like a rogue Paul Revere on a spaceship made of tin cans shouting, “THE ALIENS ARE COMING!…THE ALIENS ARE COMING!”, although they’ve been here for centuries. For example, Scott Schuman has been photographing and documenting these ‘chic-asoids’ existing on our very streets. How’s that for proof!? But wait!, there is no need to fret because they come in peace.  So open your heart and your mind, but more importantly open your closet and let your inner ‘chic-asoid’ shine.

Well, that about does it for this post.  So until next time, I leave you with Jill Stuart’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection.  I thought I hated pastels but this show really changed my mind with it’s bubblegum pinks and blues.  Hasta luego!

Fashion Word-Em-Up:  After one look at this planet’s wardrobe, it’s obvious that the only space that matters is the space between your ears.


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