Diners, Dappers & Dedication

28 Aug

Like two flapjacks with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon; it’s the most important part of your day, it’s CQ360 time!  The fashion blog whose author is serving up a sartorial breakfast year round like a Denny’s lead manager. So please!, welcome yourselves to The Diner of Love.  Where Grand Slams aren’t just the name of a plate, but also the name of our wardrobe.  Now squeeze into a booth and stay awhile because the first cup of joe, and an issue of the local gazette is on the house.

Sip your coffee carefully reading this next headline: The Fashion World Declares Summer’s End.  That’s a headline that’ll have you choking on your english muffin, especially if your still sporting a Tennessee t-shirt.  It’s 80 degrees out and a bit premature, but this short-order cook is glad to see it gone.  Not since China’s opening ceremony of the 2008 summer olympics have I been this nervous for America.

A vast majority of us have lost faith in politics this summer. Dejected and discouraged, patrons of our diner have lost their appetite for hearty meals while dressed in their Sunday’s best, and instead opt for chicken broth for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in shabby sweatpants.  Times are rough.

Conditions like these, force me to swap the Club Sandwich Special for something more wholehearted, and solid like Grits N’ Waffles.  Food that’ll stick to your ribs and remind you that America’s backbone does in fact read, “Made in the U.S.A”.

By the time you clear your plate of powered sugar and maple syrup covered waffles, national pride should be oozing out of you and overflowing into your wardrobe.  On this side of the grill, I supported our country by rocking a President Obama t-shirt out to Dana Point.

So get patriotic with it!  Order yourselves a Southern Fried Steak, wear your pride on your shoulders or on your booty, and let vacationing foreigners know that despite all our hardships these colors don’t run!

That about does it for this post here at CQ360.  Until next time metiches, hasta luego! I’ll leave you with Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 backstage access!

Fashion Word-Em-Up: Sometimes at the diner of patriotism you must cook your own fashion.


One Response to “Diners, Dappers & Dedication”

  1. Blandino August 28, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Great site…. Blog… No really…I mean it great site.
    Good sense of el humor …
    Now I can wear my shoes with cerulean blue socks. So happy!

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