Brush Me Barnacles

18 Jul

Ahoy me fellow ‘seekers’ and metiches! Welcome to CQ360; a blog whose author mans the crow’s nest on a ship called “Style”.  And in a sea blanketed with fashion blogs it is here that we fix our sails and head toward uncharted waters.  Far beyond the Isles of Fashion and Trend lies the land of Uniqueness.  A place where rich velvets cover the ground, mountainous tussah silk towers above sea level, and trees flourish in gold and green sequins.  Many landlubbers have tried to label themselves as brethren of it’s coast, but it is I whom was born marooned on it’s shores.

I recall the days when the scantily dressed motley crew of Juan Ponce de Leon and Columbus came to plunder me land for it’s fine fabrics.  History charts say it not be true, but I had all 656 bilge-sucking buccaneers walking the plank with nothing but a Huaorani blowgun hunter as me sidekick.   Terrified of becoming shark bait they bargained a one-eyed-toothless wench and barrels of rum in exchange that I spare their scurvy riddled lives and don them with outfits worthy of seizing new land.  Dignified and battle-ready I named the style: Conquistadores del Mundo.  The rest was history.

Think of me today not as a pacesetting couturier, but as a wordsmith whose dead-less soul has risen from Davey Jones’ locker, and mused some of the world’s most fantastic swashbucklers and rogues into a sensible ensemble.  Ye say ye need proof, ey!?  Well feast ye spyglass upon this scallywag and chum master.  How fares ye doubt now, ey?  Even today as I commandeer the life of a pirate do landlubbers pillage me beloved treasures for pizzaz that can only be found here at CQ360.  So it goes without saying, keep yer blimey mittens away from me closet or I’ll soon find the satisfaction of slipping a couple feet of steel into your vitals! But for now, good luck to ye and may the Lord grant ye fair winds and following seas.

Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring/Summer 2012…dug this collection, lots of cool pieces while keeping it pimpin’.

Fashion Word-Em-Up: If you want to be a naughty pirate, wear the eye patch because it barely covers your genitals


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