A Crane Amongst Chickens

26 Jun

Ni hao! Huan ying guang lin piao liang nur shen to CQ360.  If you don’t know what I said that was Mandarin for, “keep your dirty eyes off my woman!”.  No not really…I lied, but had you possessed an international diploma from professor Jerome at the University of Don’t Hate The Playa Hate The Game you’d have known exactly what I said.  Now you might be asking yourself why you might need to learn some Chinese phrases.  Well allow me to shock your fashion crazed concerns, but China is taking over world, and if you can’t order dim sum you might as well be swamp fishing for gators in an inner tube.  In the land of dragons and emperors, young Chinese millionaires are cashing in on luxury cars and dressing themselves in Tom Ford’s readily accessible duds, and for good reason; Chinese women!

Du Juan, Emma Pei, and Liu Wen are those women.  These fashion models were born in various parts of China, and have been taking on the fashion world by storm for some time now.  It’s a shame they aren’t household names here in the states.  Yet despite their low-key megastardom, I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is it these three women, but also the hundreds of thousands of others just like them that make up the real reason behind China’s eminence as a country. Because behind all it’s great leaders stands it’s graceful women with swan-like sophistication, and a tenaciousness to triumph over any life obstacle. So with that said enjoy the eye candy, and pray for Jerome’s sake that in case you find yourself surrounded by the likes of Du, Emma and Liu that you’ll be able to say, “Neng you xing jiao guh peng yo ma?”

Here is Roberto Cavalli RTW Fall/Winter 2011 for you CQ ‘seekers’…I’m feeling the girl at 5:20. The entire collection makes me think pirates of the Caribbean meets the vampire-esk Olson twins.  I can dig it. Hasta luego!

Fashion Word-Em-Up: In China today, Bill Gates in a cheap suit is Britney Spears; In America today, Britney Spears in a cheap dress is still Britney Spears-and there lies  our problem.


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