Spring Forward and Never Look Back

15 Mar

Welcome back to another CQ360 post, and let me start off by sending my deepest condolences to the families whom lost loved ones in Japan. I have been watching footage of Japan’s tsunami catastrophe.  It really is a tragedy.  On the other hand Japanese civilians are banding together in an effort to help the nation get back on it’s feet.  With so much destruction I can’t help but to wonder about how long it would take to clean everything up.  What a way for Mother Nature to welcome in the Spring season.  She flexed her power and now we’re forced to perform the dreaded Spring cleaning.  The season of cleansing, growth and rejuvenation bum rushed it self into our lives in the form of a tsunami.  Cleansing is just the beginning and we at CQ360 hope that Japan’s prayers get answered.

So for this post, I decided to share pictures of myself in an outfit inspired by all things Spring.  Earlier in the day we ended up visiting a thrift store and relaxing in a meadow in the late afternoon.  This is what Spring means to me.

That about wraps it up for this post.  Queen Olive, thank you oh so very much! Until next post my fellow seekers I’ll leave you with Wunderkind’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  This is CQ360 saying..nos vemos!

Fashion-Word-Em-Up: The essence of style is that of a lotus raising it’s petals to the sun and perfuming the world, at the same time, clinging to the elemental muck because without it our style would wither and die.


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