A Garden In A Library

22 Feb

I’m trying to find a way to connect my passion for fashion with real macho men.  So many of my ridiculously gangster confidants and adversaries would much rather give me something black and blue over my eyes rather than complementing their wardrobes to their wive’s or girlfriend’s attire.

One thing for sure is that my acquaintances grew up being read unforgettable elementary school stories.  And now that they are thirty something reading books has become an ancient skill yet becoming prolific gamers is the latest craze.  So for tonight’s post I’ll share some images that will hopefully get the fellas to see the beauty of fashion in a light that they can relate to.

The first three designs are from Duro Olobu’s 2011 Fall collection.  No matter how much bravado a man has I thought these childhood memories of elementary literature would be respected by most guys. Am I the only one to think these books embellish on the garment’s charm?

For those of us who remember gaming for hours on end…Atari and Nintendo maybe be old systems but they are still used as a guide to a fly-looking-retro-style in Proenza Schouler’s brand  new Fall 2011 collection.  Fellas, I left you with Costume National’s Homme collection for Fall 2011 show below.   See you next post!

Fashion-Word-Em-Up:  Make it a rule to never give a kid a book that you’d never read yourself.


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