Lacking Flair in a Guiding Light?

20 Feb

We all know that inspiration can come in different forms.  From a bunny rabbit eating grass on a misty pink morning, or from following the teachings a of shoalin monk, or from reading it spelled out in a bowl of Frosted Alphabit cereal; inspiration can derive from all aspects of life, which led me to wonder why it is that we go looking for it when in fact it’s always right in front our noses.  So for this post, I’ll expose some of what grows underneath my nostrils and propels me to style myself in a manner that only I can do.

Fortunately, I don’t have to look nor wait for a eureka moment .  One double click into my iTunes and inspiration comes streaming out my speakers.  Audio podcast like The Fader , J. Pitts Show Hip-Hop Podcast, and The Flawless Sound produce music that always has me considering what pieces of attire to combine for the day.  In my opinion listening to music while grooming and dressing one’s self is a vital component to flourishing with our sense of style.  So do yourselves a favor and subscribe to these audio podcast.

For more of a visual stimuli, I visit websites like, but more often than not has images that evoke wonderment  from Oliver Zahm.  Also, I watch for a backstage access feel to the fashion shows I share here.  Okay so I introduced you all to a few of my muses, stay tuned for my next post and enjoy Marithe + Francois Girbaud show. Hasta Luego!

Fashion-Word-Em-Up: Light the oven so that everyone can bake bread.


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